​#1 This is produced by Imagine Tours and Travel,  the company we use for our tours. Our October 2018 tour/cruise sites ARE included here. Enjoy this 4-minute video "Walking in the Footsteps of Paul and John."

#2  Enjoy a 6-minute clip, a lesson on Ephesians from "Day of Discovery." Because Ephesus became abandoned and no further civilizations were built upon its ruins, the Ephesus site is the best-excavated ancient city in the region. On Day 6 we'll be walking through these amazing streets and more. 

Fasten your seat-belt for this 5-minute, fast-paced overview of modern Athens. Our beautiful Hotel is in the heart of the city, with coffee shops and cafe's nearby.


An older video of Greece, Turkey & Italy. Some of these sites are not on our itinerary but it's an enjoyable 5-minute overview.

We do hope you will  come with us to these historic lands - Greece, the Greek Isles and Italy!