Welcome!  Here's a little about us:

At age 7, our granddaughter was quoting a Scripture passage to us.  She'd learned it in Kid's church the day before. It thrilled me because throughout our marriage, our 'life verses' have been the very ones she had just recited  -  and she didn't know that!  Proverbs 3:5-6
                      "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.
                        In all your ways acknowledge Him and  He will direct your paths!"

Our family is committed to the Bible as the Word of God.  David
has served ministries in  Kentucky, Ohio, Florida and Indiana. He
is in his 11th year as Senior Minister of Jerome Christian Church
in Greentown, IN - a family of people who love God passionately! 

David has spoken for conferences, camps and on mission fields.
He has helped found and also served on leadership boards for
several regional ministries in the US, and international ministries
in Australia and Brazil. He currently serves on the governing
Board of Trustees of the Cincinnati Christian University.

Marilyn has worked in various professional settings,  including one
of America's largest school systems - Orlando, Florida and in two
Christian preschools - Hillsboro, OH and Jerome (Greentown), IN. 
We have four great daughters who are all serving the Lord;  one in
Ohio, two in Indiana and one in heaven. We also enjoy time with
the neatest grandchildren on the planet!  

A personal joy in our ministry is leading people on life-changing
trips to the lands of the Bible. Visiting these places deepens faith, vision and friendships while creating life-long personal memories. Enroll now and join us this October for the "Trip of a Lifetime" in Greece! 
Marilyn and David have led tours to Greece and the Greek Isles. This will be his seventh trip to Greece. We'll be happy to answer your questions about the Bible Lands in general or about our upcoming tour.
Please consider our special "Italy Extension" - an optional trip you can enjoy topping off the main tour.
We'll be leading that also, and it includes all the highlights of Rome!  Please contact us today!
We really hope you have a great week, and may God always direct
                                                                                                                             Your Hosts, 

                                                                                                           David & Marilyn Stokes      
How to reach us... "it's this easy..."
 765-628-2888 (home)
 765-628-3126 (church office)
 765-432-8077 (cell)

 Email: david@yourpaths.net

 David & Marilyn Stokes
 606 N. Lakeview Ct.
 Greentown, Indiana 46936

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Visit the Parthenon on the Acropolis of Athens
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