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Daniel Carmel, owner of the "Worship Boats", casts a net on the Sea of Galilee, just as Peter, Andrew, James or John would have done, 2,000 years ago!        He didn't catch anything on the first try either!
                                            Welcome to YourPaths.net. Whether you have been
                                            to Israel or are thinking  about  going for the first
                                            time, this is the trip for you.  This tour includes all 
                                            the sites you want to see in Israel, AND in Jordan!
                                            We sail on the Sea of Galilee,   walk down the Palm 
                                            Sunday road and up the Via Dolorosa. You can float
                                            in the Dead Sea,  ascend Masada by cablecar,  step
                                            into the Jordanhave personal prayer time in the  Garden of Gethsemane
                                            Gethsemane and celebrate communion by the Garden Tomb.   Better than  
                                            a vacation,  more than a history tour,  you'll find yourself walking through
                                            the pages of the Bible!

Call us TODAY to find out how you can come with us in March!
This will be David's 10th time to Israel.  This trip we are going
to visit Israel AND Jordan! More than just an "Extension", the
two countries are a complete and natural itinerary together. In
we will see Jerash, (the best preserved Imperial Roman
city in the world  -  ruins better than those in Rome), Mt. Nebo
(where Moses is buried), "Bethany Beyond Jordan" (where John
baptized), Wadi Rum, AND plenty of time in amazing Petra!

You will find that our tour is more affordable than many others
- without cutting ANY corners.   Click on and review our itinerary page to see the sites in Israel and Jordan - more sites of interest than most tours (over 50).   PLUS, we spend time with Believers who preach and teach in Galilee. (This casual visit with those  who are the "living stones" in Israel, will be one of your most treasured memories!)
Carefully compare other tours, quality of hotels used, experience of your Hosts
who've been to both countries repeatedly, and you'll see there IS a difference:
   -  We use ONLY comfortable First Class or Superior hotels.
   -  Enjoy DELICIOUS breakfast and dinner buffet meals each day.
   -  Unforgettable worship and study times held in remarkable places.
   -  Airfare from the midwest, plus all taxes and tips throughout are included! 
   -  At each hotel your suitcase will be portered from the bus to your room and back.  
   -  Convenient roundtrip transportation: Kokomo to O'Hare airport (at shared cost - first 20 signups)
   -  Our study materials and helpful tools before departure will make your trip much more meaningful.

For any Christian this is truly the ultimate field trip!  Last year one of our travelers said  "David, this is the best trip - it was worth the money already." And that was just the 3rd tour day! Another passenger (a physician) on our way home from a previous Israel tour told me,  "This was the best trip I have ever taken!" A well-traveled professional couple emailed me a few months ago... "Our trip to Israel with you remains the highlight of our retirement."

Visiting Israel in a well-planned tour is amazing - "You'll never be the same!" We would love to have you come with us in March - our favorite month to visit there! Imagine it as your "Spring Break" next year. Click on the hotlinks below ("here" in blue, takes you to the original tour brochure with our prior travel dates. We're now departing on March 13, 2017.)  David and Marilyn Stokes  Email: david@yourpaths.net  Click here to enroll online (tour code: stokes17)


       in Israel is

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Imagine Tours and Travel handles all our tour arrangements.
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Watch Captain Daniel Carmel expertly cast a net on the Sea of Galilee, as Peter, Andrew, James and John would have done 2,000 years ago!  
Contact us NOW so you can travel with us in March! As we walk where Jesus walked, the Bible will come alive!
  Call today. The deadline
 to sign up is very close.
Departure is March 13.

- Marilyn &  David


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