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Daniel Carmel, owner of the "Worship Boats", casts a net on the Sea of Galilee, just as Peter, Andrew, James or John would have done, 2,000 years ago!        He didn't catch anything on the first try either!

Of course the Bible wasn't simply written, it actually happened - for real!
​ Maybe you've tried to imagine what it was like to travel ​through Greece
 ​as the Apostle Paul did and our tour group did in October, ​OR... 

 Maybe you'd like to walk the Palm Sunday Road, visit the town of
 ​Bethlehem, take a boat ride and sing worship songs on the Sea
 ​of Galilee, read the Beatitudes on the mountain  where Jesus
 ​taught that incredible sermon on the mount  (Matthew 5-7)! ​
 We invite you ​to come with ​us a year from now - in 2020.
 Discover it all for yourself; Jerusalem, Jericho, Capernaum,
 ​Nazareth, ​Capernaum, the ​​Jordan River, Mt. Carmel, the
 ​Dead Sea, Jericho, Valley of Elah, ​Mt. Carmel, Megiddo 
 ​and so much more! What could be more exciting than 
 being there - in the heart of the Biblical events? ​ 
​ Come with us, walk with us where Jesus walked​!
 Whether you've been to any of the Bible lands or just
 ​dreamed about it, ​we'd love to have you join us. You will
 ​feel like you're walking ​through the pages of the Bible itself!  ​
​ With our top local ​guides, we provide Bible teaching and personal,
 ​pastoral care on each tour we lead. Call or text us anytime (765-432-8077).
 ​Simply click here to email us at david.stokes@jeromecc.org

 This will be David's 14th trip to Bible lands, his 11th to Israel.  Carefully ​compare other tours, the time of
airfare from the midwest, the ​quality of hotels, experience of your hosts and the cost. You'll see the 
 ​difference. Plan for it now and in just a year, c
ome with us to Israel, for an unforgettable trip of a lifetime!
- We use ONLY comfortable First Class or Superior hotels.
    - Enjoy DELICIOUS breakfast and dinner buffet meals each day.
    - Unforgettable worship times will be held in some remarkable places.
    - Airfare from the midwest, taxes, airport fees and gratuities are included!
    - At each hotel your suitcase will be portered from the bus to your room and back.
    - Our study materials and helpful tools will make your trip so much more meaningful.​

​​ For any student of the Bible, a well-planned visit ​to ​any of the Bible lands is the ultimate fun "field trip"!
 We'd love to have you join us in Israel, the Land of ​the Bible! Check our other pages here to see what
 ​our tours are like. B
ookmark this site ​and come back soon. 
Coming with us is so easy.   Just contact us by phone,
  text or email.  When the tour opens, enroll online or by ​
  mail, pay for the trip, pack your bags, get to​​ ​th
e airport
  ​on time and ​
​smile. We take care ​of ​the rest!

Visit here later about ​going to Israel in the spring of 2020.
​Please call if you are interested.